Thursday, May 22, 2008

To all the English teachers out there, both amateur & pro

Thank you for all of your comments. As the son of an English teacher, I am acutely aware of my own spelling & grammar. My use of the word "irregardless" in my last two posts was intended to accomplish two goals:

1. Annoy Kitty - always my primary goal.
2. Comment on improper use of language online & at work.

I certainly achieved number 1, so it was all a success, even if my second goal got lost in the mix. Thanks to everyone that felt compelled to point out my issue. The only thing I ask of each of you in return is that you never again use the phrase, "I could care less." It's "couldn't care less."

As in, "I couldn't care less about this whole stupid breastfeeding topic."

Shame on you for calling our problems stupid! Have you no soul?


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