Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Over the river and through the woods... in adorable clothes

While the past (almost) three months have been chock full of developmental milestones, we achieved two major ones this past weekend that deserve acknowledgment:
  1. First trip to the cabin for the boy
  2. First pair of overalls
I'm honestly not sure which I'm more excited about. From the minute Kitty told me she was pregnant, I could only think of two things. A little high-five for the boys downstairs (they got discouraged after 2 1/2 years of disappointment) and babies in overalls. I wanted a closet stocked with enough Osh-Kosh to clothe an adorable baby army, or at least enough to cover him through that awkward period where overalls no longer look cool on a dude. From the looks of Tommy Lee, that period can pass a lot quicker than the dude in overalls realizes, so I have to hurry up.

On Friday afternoon, we tricked out the Ninja in a little khaki number and we hit the road for the cabin. Even back in the olden days, it was tough to get out of the house for trips to the cabin. Between our crap and our passengers' crap, we always had the wagon and the Space Case completely filled. At this point, there's no way we're getting anyone else in this car with us. Here's a lousy cell phone pic of about half of our traveling gear (not pictured: infant carrier, beer, baby, food, beer, cooler (for beer)) for a weekend. The real camera was somewhere in that pile.

It took us about two hours, including several naps for everyone, to get out of the house. We were concerned about how the boy would handle his first 2 1/2 hour car ride, but he did it with surprising
aplomb. In other words, he slept the whole time. One rest area break for bottles all around and we were up at Snowline with plenty of daylight to spare. Finn seemed to really enjoy his introduction to the cabin. So much so, that he celebrated the moment by launching a whole new level of Poop Tag. Kitty, the hammock and the cabin deck are all currently "it."

Here's a pic of Kitty and the Ninja right before he decided to up the stakes. I couldn't find anything strong in our limited cabin stores to disinfect the scene, so I had to improvise with Clorox toilet bowl cleaner. Please note: while those angled spouts do make it easy to get under the toilet bowl, they make aiming the stream anywhere else extremely difficult.

The rest of the weekend went much more smoothly. The boy enjoyed horseshoes, tennis and s'mores, all from the comfort of his stroller and/or Bluebird. Nothing makes you feel like a quality parent more than rolling your child's stroller over to the side of the horseshoe pits. Or should I say, nothing makes you look like a quality parent more than that.

Now we're back home, and I'm back at work full time. It was a great break, but it's over. Back to the grind. Of course, in my case, "the grind" means showing up late and leaving early to be with the boy.

I sure hope no one from work reads this blog.

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