Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'm screaming at a white Christmas

It snowed 3 inches in West Seattle on Saturday night so Finn got to experience his second snowfall today. I don't think we can really count the freak snowstorm that happened on the day he was born (March 28th, 2008) because he wasn't really up for frolicking around in the snow that day. Lazy newborn!

Today he was all over the place building snowmen, making snow angels, packing ice balls to huck at the cats and making snow forts. We didn't actually capture any of that on film, but trust us it happened. Um yeah, right after he sat comatose in the snow for a while....Did I mention it was COLD?

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Stacy said...

Super cute photos. That last one completely slays me. Cannot unfreeze brain from the cutenes. Gah!