Monday, March 2, 2009


The Ninja celebrated the successful completion of his 11th month on Saturday in style. That is to say, in a small room with an older gentleman complimenting him on his penis.

I didn't expect that to happen for another 17 years. At least, not without Chris Hansen jumping out of the bushes.

Of course, in this case, Chris would have been wasting his time. The older gentleman was a urologist and we were at the doctor getting an update on a potential issue that had been flagged months ago. Finn's problems with his tongue-tie are well documented, but what we never touched on is the fact that his tongue isn't the only place he's tied. Yes, he's wiener-webbed.

The check-up went well and it turns out his WW is minor. It will likely still call for some corrective action, but we're going to wait until he's 15 or 16 for that one. We want to make sure he remembers it.

Just kidding. We'll do it soon. We'll rely on his teenage realization that I just told the whole world about his wiener to add the desired level of discomfort.

To complete the future embarrassment, here's a snapshot of what dinner time in the Parker household is like these days. Mommy has determined that we are now fully migrated to finger foods. This would be fine, if Mommy didn't also insist that every food was a finger food.

Finn's got some small fingers, but I'm pretty sure that doesn't make rice a finger food.

Here he is using his precision kung-fu grip to spread spaghetti and salmon out on the floor for the cats.

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