Saturday, May 9, 2009


I need to follow-up the last post with a couple of late-breaking items:

1. Finn has been running a fever for the past 5 days (more on that later). For the most part, it hasn't affected him and he's been his normal cheery self. The other night, though, he woke up crying and didn't go back to sleep like he normally does. Kitty quietly got a dropper of Tylenol and sneaked it into his open cry-hole. Though half-asleep and crying from a 103 degree fever in a pitch black room, Finn still mustered the energy to reward her with an "aaaaah".

2. A comment on the post from
"You know, I grew up thinking (via Kris) that if you took a drink without saying "ahhh" you would die... Finn is just surviving!"
Since Finn is working so hard at surviving, we figured we'd do our part too and got him some protective head gear. He is now impervious to wet pasta and boiled vegetables, though he can still get very wet.

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