Thursday, September 24, 2009

No man

It's funny to me - and therefore to you - that there was once a time when Kitty and I were concerned that Finn wasn't talking yet. This is funny because, by my last count, he hasn't stopped talking in 21 days.

Morning is still his favorite time and he now greets it with a 15-minute rundown of every sound he knows. Here's a typical AM setlist, performed entirely in his crib beginning the minute you open his door:

Elephant trumpeting (with arm used to mime trunk) >
Owl hooting >
Cat meowing >
Cow mooing >
Drumz >
Space >
Dog panting

Firetruck siren >
All Along the Watchtower

It's important to note that he ends every morning show with Watchtower. Just kidding. He's not Dave Matthews.

(Ed. Note: Sorry, old folks, I'm sure a couple of those references are over your head. I'd explain them, but it would require me admitting to some things that aren't kiddie-blog friendly, so we'll have to take it offline.)

After weeks of this repetition, he's got the sounds down pretty good. The biggest problem he's got is in choosing the right sound or word at the right moment. It's not uncommon for him to trumpet for a rhino. Or call a helicopter a boat. In fact, all vehicles are now boats. As is the entire body of the Puget Sound. And I don't mean the boats on the Sound; I mean the Sound itself. There are boats EVERYWHERE.

The new favorite, unfortunately, is the word "no." It is the default response to all questions, which is a complete reversal of his early talking days.

Are you hungry? No.
Do you want to go outside? No.
Did you just say no? No.
Ha! You totally just said no! Liar!


Postscript: As I was getting ready to post this, I read today's entry from Friend of the Ninja hamanneggs and couldn't help but note that he totally copied my final theme. Amazing, since I hadn't even posted it. It's probably because Chicago is 2-hours ahead. Yeah. That's it.

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Keith Wilcox said...

I'm thinking, he couldn't possibly thinking All Along the Watchtower. I didn't even know Dave Matthews did a version. I was going to say "Hey! Don't diss Dylan and Hendrix, man!" :-) Then I thought, I've got to hear this Dave Matthews version. Hmmm, I prefer Dylan, but it's not too bad. Ok, it's cool. HA