Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I've been remiss in welcoming the newest member of the Fussy Ninja baby army, cousin Alexandra Parker, born December 18. I wanted to post this earlier, but the new parents have been incredibly stingy with the taking and sharing of the pictures - which is a quality that my brother clearly did not inherit from me.

The delay has been driving me nuts because I've been dying to share this awesome article from our local "alternative weekly"/hipster-wrapping-paper, The Stranger, from a few weeks back. If you can't be bothered to click the link (click the link!), it's an article about parenting, the theme of which can be summed up in this paragraph:
"It should be noted that, on the whole, children love their parents less than their parents love them," Hegel writes in Philosophy of Right. Hegel got many things wrong (history is not directed by a ghost), but this he got right. Children are unhappy, parents are unhappy, and then there is this final letdown: Children, even if they become adults, cannot love you as much as you love them. After all of that, all of the suffering and slimy diapers, you are stuck with all of this love in your heart, and most of it will never be returned.
Welcome to the club, suckers!

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Shana said...

Thanks for posting! I've been waiting, waiting, and waiting to see a picture of her...Congratulations to the whole Parker crew!