Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Day

Finn really dropped the ball with this whole Valentine's Day thing. Daycare apparently had a big to-do yesterday, complete with Valentine cards, candy and the like and Finn didn't bother to tell us until we were dropping him off.

OK, maybe that's not entirely true. Maybe he did tell us.

Suckers. He didn't tell us. He can't say Valentine. He can probably say Ralla-tie, but I'd probably think he was asking for some high-performance tires.

OK, maybe the truth is that Jena emailed us about Valentine's Day and Kitty forgot.

OK, maybe that's not entirely true. Maybe I forgot. Whoops.

Kitty was really broken up about this, though I did point out that Finn was still going to get Valentines, it's just the other kids that were losing out. That certainly made ME feel better, but didn't help Kitty. She consulted the Decision Tree and ran off to the store at lunch to quickly put together some incredibly complex origami constructions which she got into the cute, heart-covered mailboxes right at the end of the day.

Finn rewarded her thoughtfulness by destroying the house in a V-Day brownie rage.

Jena - I know you're reading this. How about a brownie warning from here on out? We're going to need some Home Depot day laborers to put this place back together.

The splash of red in the picture above is in honor of Valentine's Day and is the second in our "Finn in inappropriate proximity to Bloody Mary" series. It's also in remembrance of Daddy/Finn weekend. It was a delicious weekend.

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