Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Conversational skills

Talking to Finn is increasingly easier. He's able to not only articulate his thoughts in the form of infuriating opinions, but he's also starting to respond in a more thoughtful manner.

For example, tonight we were discussing the importance of washing one's hands:
Me: Washing hands is important. Even Tango washes his hands.
Finn: Tango doesn't wash his hands because Tango doesn't have hands.
Finn: Tango throws up on the floor every day and we have to be careful not to step in it because then we would have to wash our feet. And that would get the towels wet.
Finn: And the washing machine doesn't use water.

Kind of a head-scratching finale - though if the washing machine doesn't actually use water, that would explain why it's the only appliance in our house that hasn't flooded the joint. He was either practicing his mom's conversation skills, whereby the speaker randomly eliminates portions of the conversation that he or she deems wasteful without informing the listener, or he was practicing his pre-school Charlie Sheen.

Which begs the question, when do random divergent comments like that go from being adorable to being cause for concern? If he doesn't figure this out before college, he's going to find himself in the "challenging" major of Communications, like his old man and the entire Penn State football team.

Speaking of, I think he's ready for college. He's proven that he's already a deep thinker. He had a major existential meltdown the other day when we passed an excavator that didn't have a dump truck.


We had to pull over. It was heavy, man.

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