Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

You are our rock and our roll. What would we do without you? Someone has to be the one to give the kid a chocolate cupcake at at 7:45 PM at night (last night). I warned of poor (craaazy) judgement, but the post cupcake walk/run/jump/dance around the neighborhood was more than entertaining (and worth it). Plus we now have a strategy for today, when the Ninja skips his first nap EVER in favor of the Mariners game at 1:00 PM. We know baseball is a close second behind your family and threatening all the time, especially during the playoffs. So bring on the cupcakes and let's hit the ballpark. Besides, if he crashes, it's only the Mariners after all.

Happy Father's Day Woody. We LOVE you and Finn says you are the best Dad he has ever had.

Happy Father's day to Grandpa Finn and Grandpa Parker too!!

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Shana said...

Sweet tribute! Sounds like Finn and Millie have similar reactions to sugar. Oh, and she no longer naps at all...we dropped that in favor of a 7pm bedtime rather than 9:45. Hope Finn makes it through the game!