Monday, October 3, 2011


For the last three months, this has been Finn's favorite "book":

Seriously, for the last three months, Finn has not let this thing out of his sight.  Look how destroyed it is.  He brings it to school.  He asks us to read it to him.  He is clearly this costume store's biggest fan and key demographic, which is apparently why they sent this to him in July.

At first I thought it might be the catalog's disturbingly revealing little girl get-ups that he likes so much, but it quickly became apparent that his real crush was the cover model:  Green Lantern.  He's never so much as seen a Green Lantern comic book or watched a single episode of the old Justice League cartoons, but he's been unwavering in his assertion that he wants to be Green Lantern this Halloween.

As a former comic book junkie, this pains me.  I'd place Green Lantern one step above Aquaman on the Superhero Lame-scale.  At least when Entourage talked about doing an Aquaman movie, they were joking.  Finn clearly didn't get the joke.

No matter how hard I'd push for Batman or Star Wars, he's stuck to his Green Lantern guns - which is just a reminder of how much easier life was before opinions.  Of course we caved, and we got him his Green Lantern costume.  Sure that this would result in a Halloween like last year where he'd refuse to wear the costume the minute it arrived, we made him put it on last night.

Ryan Reynolds, eat your heart out.

The best part?  Target had a cool ironic Green Lantern t-shirt on sale, so I'm going to swallow my nerd pride and accompany my son as a much bigger, significantly less cool, but more ironic Green Lantern.

Don't tell Batman.

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