Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Forced Fun

Lest you think we didn't survive Seattle's Armasnowmapocalypsegeddon, allow me to reassure you that we came through it just fine - even though it did mean that we had to spend waaaay too much time together cooped up in the house.

Normally you would assume that a snowstorm and a three-year old would be a recipe for snowmen, snowball fights, snow angels, learning how to write one's name in the snow, etc., however it turns out that our adorable little dirt-eater is no big fan of the snow.

Or more accurately put, no big fan of the cold and wet that accompany the snow.  We did get to enjoy about 15 minutes of sledding down our alley, but that was about all it took for him to get cold and wet and therefore disinterested in being outside any longer.

As we (eventually) learn our lessons about these things, we didn't even try to get him onto the mountain last weekend while we went skiing, and were content to let him watch movies in the lodge with a rotating support cast while we skied.  Since it's really all about us, as long as he's cool with a day spent watching movies and drinking hot chocolate, he'll get a free pass for the remainder of the year.

Next year will be a different story.  If this "family" thing is going to work out long-term (for us), he's going to need to learn to love to ski.  Once he's four, force-feeding that love down his throat can be outsourced to the ski instructors at the mountain.  I'd have signed him up already, but I don't know where to get a fake ID for a little kid.

He'd better enjoy these lazy mountain weekends, because pretty soon he's going to have no choice but to have fun in the snow, or... um... else!

On that note, I'm also signing him up for Little League/Tee-Ball this year just so I can watch him run around in a uniform.  

He'd better love that just as much as he loves skiing.

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