Monday, March 12, 2012


In just a couple of hours, we're leaving on a red-eye flight to Key West.  This will be Finn's first overnight flight.  Someone in this family has a sordid history of drinking through red-eye flights and forgetting to sleep, hence our avoidance of them for the last several years.  I'll let you guess who.

But there was no avoiding it this year and I'm sure Finn will weather it just fine.  We get a daily quote from TinyTribe and this was Finn's today:
Just don't know.  I'm going on a plane tonight.  I talk about Key West and things in Florida.  There a lot of pink flowers that I like in Florida.  I like the chickens the most.  There is a beach there and a dumb truck and a cement mixer and there are beach toys there.  They have beach toys there and a fire engine.  I need to take a plane, two planes.  I think I will take a train, an airport train or something.

I'm guessing that he actually said "dump truck", because I've NEVER heard him disparage a truck before.

The picture here was taken during our trip last year and is still one of my favorites.  It's my homescreen on my phone and I show it at every meeting at work, because it's terribly work appropriate.

My goal now is to take this picture every year until he's 18 and try to pinpoint the exact moment when people go from telling me how cute it is, to telling me how creepy it is,  to slowly backing away and dialing the police.

The over-under is three years.  Tell me if you want in.

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