Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gone Fishing

The last couple of weeks have rated exceptionally high on the Scale of Ninja Cuteness.  In other words, he has been AWESOME.

This is both a blessing and a curse.  A blessing for Kitty and me, and a curse for the blog, because no one wants to read about how attentive and adorable a kid is, unless we're reading about how attentive and adorable he is while pooping on the floor.

I've got nothing like that.  The best I can offer is this picture of him fishing for catfish.

See what I did there?  It's our cat.  And he's got a fishing pole.


I hope he poops on the floor soon, because I can't keep this level of comedic genius up.

During these dry times, here are some quotes that I gathered over the last couple of months for just a time like this:

On his future career:

Finn:  Daddy, I don't think we should be firefighters any more.  I think maybe we should be policemen.
Me:  Why?
Finn:  Because if you don't know where the fire is, you can't find it and you can't be a firefighter.
Me:   But someone will tell us where the fire is, like in Fireman Sam.
Finn:  Daddy, that's in a different country.

After being told that he can't watch TV any more because watching TV has a tendency to make him go a little bonkers, due to lack of activity:
Finn:  Daddy, can I watch TV?
Me:  No, TV is making you crazy.
Finn:  I know, some YouTube will settle me down.
Me:  No, that's the same thing.  You'll still get crazy.   If you want to watch something, I'll let you watch some basketball with me.  That'll get some energy out.
Finn:  What if I don't want to watch basketball?
Me:  Then we can go outside and play.
Finn:  I don't know.  I think I'd rather get crazy.

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