Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Kitty forwarded me a Love and LogicTM email today on the topic of whether or not it was OK to have a parenting pet peeve, with the following editorial comment inserted:

Picking the nose is my pet peeve. No wait, pooping and then sitting on the bath mat before wiping and then putting on your underwear without wiping…yeah that’s the one.
Don’t step on the bathmat. It needs to go in the wash.
At the time, I was deep in the middle of the first day of a two-day corporate training program called "Fierce Conversations", where one of the topics is "coaching" and the stuff that the instructor is covering could have been pulled directly out of a parenting blog.  The instructor explicitly copped to the similarities between parenting & employee coaching, which didn't exactly leave me with a ton of faith in my fellow corporate monkeys. At least most of these guys actually put their shoes on the right feet.

We haven't gotten to the "no pooping on the bathmat" portion of the training.  I'm sure that's tomorrow.

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