Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ninjas & Rookies in Paradise

There's a bar in Key West harbor called Schooner Wharf.  It's half dive bar, half tropical beach bar and all Key West.  By the end of our two weeks here, I estimate that Edie will have spent roughly 3% of her entire life in this bar.  Not a bad start.

There's a guy that plays six days a week in Schooners named Michael McCloud.  He's a big part of the draw there, particularly for the locals like my parents.  He has several songs that are getting airplay on Sirius - which he'll be happy to tell you about - but the most often requested tunes involve drinking and partying with the weirdos that inhabit the tourist paradise that is Key West, far away from the cold of the north.

That about sums up why this town is so perfect for Edie.  She doesn't sleep?  Neither does Key West.  All she does is drink and cry?  Same with everyone in Key West.  And don't get me started on the diapers that everyone here is wearing.

Finn instructs Grandpa on the finer points of Angry Birds
It all works for Finn too, but on a different level.  Duval Street is lined with hundreds of shops all selling raunchy t-shirts, aimed at the Spring Break/five-year-old level.   Even though he can't read yet, he's definitely channeling that vibe.  On the plane on the way here, he was very serious in pointing out that in addition to no smoking on the flight, there is also no farting.  Because it distracts the pilots.

The older lady in front of us was very pleased to hear that.  I can only assume it's because she was planning on farting.    Dodged a bullet there.

We're here for another five days, so using the math above, by the time we return home, Edie will have lived roughly 20% of her entire life in this town.  Boy is she going to be disappointed when we get back to Seattle.

Sorry kid.

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