Thursday, August 8, 2013


Each developmental milestone in a child's life is met with mixed feelings.  For example, as of this weekend, Edie is no longer wearing her three-month clothes, is now sitting in a high chair at the table with us, and has jumped up to a #2 bottle nipple.  It's an amazing experience, watching your baby grow, learn and adapt to her environment, but there's a little bit of mourning thrown in as you watch the time slip away, knowing that you'll never have those early days back again.

Of course, none of that sappy crap applies to sleeping habits.  The sooner that this little bag of cry learns to sleep through the night, the better.  And so it was that we moved her out of our room this weekend and into her nursery and her crib.

And lo and behold, it happened!  On Tuesday night, she slept through the night, for nine straight hours. Kitty and I were still up every two hours elbowing each other in the sleeping ribs to see if either had fed her and then struggling to fall back to sleep wondering if she was dead, but whatever.  Sleeping through the night is a big freaking deal.  If we had known that all it was going to take was moving her out of our room and away from my snoring, we would have done this weeks ago.

Alas, it wasn't to last, since she woke up twice last night.  But now that we know it's possible for her to make it through the duration, the door is opened back up to that elusive benefit of having children that sleep through the night:  the ability to get really drunk again!

Just kidding.  We've been doing that anyway.

So as not to leave out our older superstar, Finn also had a big weekend/week.  He finally figured out how to pucker up his lips and gave me a real kiss for the first time in his life instead of haphazardly smashing his lower face up against mine like a disinterested fish.  He also had a huge breakthrough in the pool and is now willingly putting his face underwater over and over again.

While those are nice developmental steps, neither one improves my drinking, so we'll still give Edie first billing.

Priorities, yo.

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