Friday, February 14, 2014


There was a time when Valentine's Day had a special significance for me & Kitty.  After all, it was our first kiss - 17 years ago today.   Wow, what an amazing memory.

And then 12-months ago, it all went to #$@%.

No offense, Edie, but you really screwed everything up.  But, here we are, so I might as well say:


What an amazing ride this past year has been.  If I could sum up everything I've learned in the past 12-months really quickly, it would be:  "You have to be an absolute MORON to have a second child.  I mean, seriously?  You go through this once and then you're finally clear of diapers, and screaming, and lack-of-sleeping, and you do it AGAIN?  What kind of IDIOT are you?"

I'll tell you what kind of idiot you are, you're the kind of idiot that races upstairs every morning the minute you hear the slightest peep on the monitor so you can be the first thing your daughter sees; you're the kind of idiot that laughs as he wipes an elephantine pile of poop out of her clothes just because she's smiling at you; and you're the kind of idiot who writes this blog post with a big dumb smile on his face, because he's so happy that she's here - even if one year ago tonight you were shivering & sweating underneath a blanket due to lack of sleep and adrenaline overload... and possibly the flu.

Speaking of idiots, do you know what Finn did this morning?  He sang Edie a song.  Of his own making.  Called  "When the Sun Goes Down It's Valentine's Day Night".  What an amazing title, right?  I'm pretty sure that the words went something like, "YAH YAH YAH, BOOKY BOOKY, BLAAAAAH", but he wouldn't sing it again for me.  Told me that it was only for his sister, whom he loves.

And who am I to argue with that?

Happy birthday, Edie.  This has been the best (and most tiring - seriously) year of our lives.  And I wouldn't give it up for anything.

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