Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Stairway to Headwound

The War of the Grandmothers is in a cease-fire with Mema/GF/Grandma Finn's reluctant departure on Saturday. The votes have been tallied and the winner is...

Everybody! Shocking, right?

Finn wins with two G'ma visits in two months. The G'mas also win because the Ninja is so freakin' awesome. And of course, we win because we're
repeatedly told what an amazing child we have and what exceptional parents we are.

Not that we needed to be told.

It was a pleasure having the Grandmas here. Finn spent both weeks getting his pants spoiled off. Which is different than getting his pants spoiled - something that happens every two hours
regardless of where he happens to be. They all enjoyed the beautiful (and rarely so) Seattle fall weather with walks around town and he enjoyed the fact that they chased him around the house, most recently with GF on her hands and knees.

We enjoyed that too. How often is it that you can watch your own parents crawl around the floor squealing like idiots? Sean Preston and Jayden James Federline excepted, of course.

They both added ingenuity to the party - GP with her cheetah costume and GF with her ingenious baby toy inventions. Whereas we were content to continue buying toys and binkies at a rate sufficient to keep up with his tossing them from his stroller, GF immediately invented a super-fancy apparatus to tie his toys & pacifier to the stroller using some space-aged material called "shoo-laces". I had never heard of it either, so don't feel bad.

Of course, it wasn't all sunshine and tequila shots. GF did reprimand me for my handling of Finn's latest trick. Turns out the boy lurves the stairs. He can't get enough of them. I've certainly stoked this adoration by constantly helping him learn how to climb them. And he's awesome at it. He can handle two flights in under two minutes. He comes down them even more quickly, at a rate of a stair per second - on his head. Apparently, this is bad.

I was instructed that if I was going to encourage stair-climbing, I also had to teach the descent. I don't think so. That's Mom/Grandma work.

Here's a pic of the boy climbing like a champ. I'd show a picture of his return down, but I'm afraid the Dept of Social Services might use that as an excuse to visit and the house is very messy.


P.S. A
big shout-out to our faithful readers in St Helena. According to the size of the dot in our traffic map on the lower right of the blog homepage (here, for you email/RSS readers), most of the 4,250 inhabitants must be regular Fussy Ninja readers. Let me know if you guys think there's a market for t-shirts. I'll whip some up ASAP.

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