Monday, November 10, 2008


For the last couple of days, Finn has really been stretching his lungs. He's yelling pretty much constantly. Seriously, constantly. In fact, I'm sitting here now listening to him yelling on the monitor. And he's fast asleep. It might be due to the two new top teeth coming in, since he wasn't too thrilled about that last time.

Or, it could be due to the fact that he watched the Penn State vs. Iowa game with me on Saturday. We don't watch nearly as much TV as I'd like anymore, focusing entirely on CSI: Miami, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and on the hourly reruns of the Travel Channel's 25 Sexiest Vegas Hotspots
. Penn State football is a given.

Kitty was out running errands, so it was just me and the boy. I had intended to take Finn to our friend Sichel's house for some ribs, but his nap hit right at game time, so I settled in to watch at home. He slept through the first half, but he got up just in time for the fourth quarter. I tried to contain my disbelief & horror, but I get kind of excited and I don't think I did very good job. Even though he woke up right in the middle of "daddy freak-out time," considering that there were several Iowa Hawkeyes at Sichel's, I still think it worked out for the best.

Ever since then, Finn's turned up the volume. In fact, at daycare today his yelling made Grace cry. I felt really bad about that and want to apologize to her parents, Todd & Jennifer, who incidentally are big Iowa Hawkeye fans.

Sorry about that. I clearly need to be setting a better example. It had nothing to do with Saturday's game. Congratulations.

Here's a quick video of Finn and his new best friend, the lighty-blinky-loud thing that we keep in his pen. We've got to teach him that yelling at this is a more appropriate outlet for his sports frustration than yelling at sweet little girls at daycare.

Even if they are stupid, lucky Hawkeye fans.

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Shana Grugan said...

Maybe he's so loud from hearing so many opening scenes of CSI Miami. The Who scream after Horatio's one liners has inspired him.