Sunday, January 25, 2009

Party Time with Aunt Stacy (by Finn, translated by Aunt Stacy)

All was quiet in the west lands of Seattle. The ‘rents had dolled up and left for the night, with mom in her crack heels, and dad in his loose tie, and Boy Finnja and Aunt Stacy had a night of food, fun, and all things Finnja ahead of them….


Let’s see, how about:
- Dinner at 5:00 p.m. I’ll be having the delicious puree from my rock star mom, and some dry peas as an appetizer. Dropped a couple of those on the floor in all the excitement, and that excitement carried forth over dinner, which I decided would be a little bit of an Olympic sport with Aunt Stacy, but she held her own and managed to get almost all of the puree in my pie hole.
- Bottle of that luscious milk at 5:15 p.m. (drank like a sailor in port)
- Some play time from 5:15 – 5:45 in the bitchin’ kitchen with Aunt Stacy (she’s silly and chatters with me a lot)
- Lots of practice walking with help, but I did really good and was digging it quite a bit. I about gave Aunt Stacy a heart attack when she realized:
o How strong I am
o How unsteady the mud room shelf is
- But I just shook it a tiny bit when she was right there watching to see if she’d pee her pants a little – no luck. But she was a sport and just did more practice walking with me, which was awesome.
- Poopy diaper change at 5:45 p.m.
- More play time in the kitchen, living room, and more dining room dance party USA from 5:15 – 6:00. This girl can cut a rug, people. Oh wait, there isn’t a rug in the dining room. I’ll have to deduct rug-cutting points.
- Cheerios and serious time at my counter office from 6:00 – 6:10, and I did some chair dancing to the music which was ridiculously cute. I rock.
- Play time in kitchen 6:10 – 6:30.
- Then… it was time to start rubbin’ my eyes. Already, I know, but I’ve had a day, people.
- We played in my room from about 6:30 – 6:45.
- 6:50 Diaper change (just wet this time from the aforementioned milk hooch) and Aunt Stacy did zerberts not only on my tummy, but also on the bottoms of my feet and it was hysterical. Doesn’t she know where my feet have been!?!? Ah, she slays me.
- PJs on and then we read about 4 books in the chair (she’s a Literature major, apparently, and is more than happy to see my interest in books), and then – this is the best part – she managed to get my into the sleeper sack just fine (like how hard is that), and she thought she did OK with the swaddle. Heh. I let her think so at first. Pshaw. Newbies!
- We did more stories, ending with my favorite “Goodnight Moon”, and then she sang the one song she seems to know, which was fine, as I like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star just fine; at least she mixed the singing with some humming to break it up and rocked with me for a while, which was nice.
- I was pretty mellow at this point, which most people would associate with tired. I think she must have forgotten what Mom said earlier about the hyper thing, and once again: I let her.
- In the crib by 7:15, and I played tired for a bit. The ocean sounds are on, the light of the closet is nice, it’s perfect!
- 7:20…. Me thinks she realizes it’s a little too quite and comes to check on me, and that’s when I get to show my mad swaddle-exiting skills! Ah, yes, the classic newbie mistake: erring on the side of too loose so as to not over-tighten. I greet her standing up in my crib all pleased with myself. I think she’s fallen for my charms…. Sucker!
- She leaves, comes back in two minutes, presumably after watching the video this time, and gives it another try. Better, but she’s no swaddle master, people.
- I am not super comfortable and had to wrangle around a bit and this irritates me, so I get a little louder to be heard over the ocean waves… perhaps she’s a little too lolled by them herself. Oh, she’s a Pisces… figures.
- 7: 25… she’s back and gets to witness another round of checking out my swaddle shedding skills! I should have my own show or something. It’s awesome. I’m not fussy at this point, it’s actually kind of entertaining.
- I’m getting more tired, she needs to get it straight up in this here crib, dawg.
- Third time may be a charm… I’m getting sleepy, I have my brown cuddly soft thing that I like to have near me, and my binky situation is steller... …………………………. ……….. ……………… ……………..

8:00 all is quiet and Aunt Stacy is in the kitchen making soup.
Yes, people, it’s been a good day in the west lands of Seattle. Hope the ‘rents are having a good time whooping it up, they sure looked nice when they left to go out. My mom is hot, and my dad has style, and that Aunt Stacy isn’t all bad either. She seems to get me, and I dig it. She’s cleared for more dates with the Finnja. Peace out.

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