Friday, January 30, 2009

Walking pneumonia

As I type this, my pants are covered in vomit. Not my own, for once on a Friday night, but the poor little Ninja's.

This is not spit-up. This is not milk. This is pure ralph and this is a first.

I wasn't supposed to be writing about this. This was supposed to be a post about firsts, but happy firsts. Good-time firsts. Firsts we could look back fondly on from the future underwater retirement home that our no-good son Finn sent us to once he had to change OUR diapers. But instead, here we are.

We shouldn't be surprised. We've been sick for about 2 weeks now. It all started while I was on a guys' weekend in Portland and Kitty was watching the Ninja. By the time I returned, the house was a mess and snot was everywhere. This is what happens when I leave these two unattended. We've been battling that bug ever since, fighting it the only way we know how.

With wine.

But you probably want to read about this as much as I want to write about it, so lets move on to the real news. It's probably best if I just show you...

Yes, gentle Ninja fans, we are WALKING!

As anyone that has spent more than 4 seconds with us over the last ten months knows, we have been eagerly anticipating the walking milestone. In fact, I am regularly asked this question:

"For Heaven's sake, why do you want him to walk so soon? Don't you know that it'll be that much harder to keep up with him?"

To which I reply:

"First off, lady in the Rite-Aid checkout line, it's rude to eavesdrop. Secondly, we want to WIN PEPS."

That's right. We're still trying to win PEPS. It's now a monthly event and it's at our house next weekend. While the Ninja is still only making about four steps at a time and is pretty tentative, we're hoping that we can get him over this stomach flu and through a 7-day intensive training course before next Saturday.

As you can see from this picture, he's doing great. I know he looks unhappy, but that's just because I had yanked my hand away immediately before taking this picture so that I could catch him in action. He was much happier immediately after this was taken.

Once the bloody nose from the subsequent face-plant subsided.


A big congratulations to Finn's morning-Mommy Kate for getting hitched to Robbie last weekend! It was a rollicking good time and Finn got to meet many of his out of town fans (seen in the slideshow to the right). The only downside was Aunt Stacy's hacking of the blog.

Luckily, we were able to keep her out of Finn's Facebook and Twitter accounts. For now.

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Stacy said...

What!?!? Hacking? You lie!