Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Come on without, come on within

Now that he's a year old, we've decided that we need to set personal objectives for Finn to ensure that he doesn't catch a crippling case of the lazies - an affliction that has plagued his father since he was in diapers. Plus, now that we're serving him real food (not that he's eating it), he needs to start earning his keep.

The only skill he seems to have really nailed at this point is house-destruction, so we decided to visit some new parents in LA for Easter weekend to test their babyproofing skills.

Turns out they really needed our help. Sure, the Calofs hid behind the excuse that their son Quinn is only a few weeks old, but just because he can't walk doesn't mean he can't grab your crystal coasters and start slamming them into your glass coffee table, does it?

Well, maybe it does. But Finn sure was good at that part. Within 5-minutes he had identified every possible chokable or stabbable in the house. He also found the collection of old 45's - records, not guns. Though guns may have been preferable to Starland Vocal Band.

Since Finn was so efficient, that left us nothing to do with the rest of the weekend but soak up some sunshine, catch up with friends and watch lots of baseball.

Here, we've shown the Calofs that the best way to secure Quinn from harm is to swaddle him with a cat. That way if you drop him, he'll always land right-side up.


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