Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back to reality

Mommy & Daddy returned alive from their Phish weekend, along with a reminder of the fact that they are no longer in college and/or childless. Mema Finn successfully navigated the boy for his first weekend alone and was rewarded by having to take care of three children once Kitty and I stumbled home through the door, extremely sleep-deprived, on Sunday.

Sleep-deprived. That's what we're calling it.

As expected, Mema handled the weekend with grace and aplomb. We did find out that we missed major milestones in his development over the weekend, like his ability to use the step stool in the kitchen to work the toaster. But one thing we did get to enjoy was his newfound enjoyment of spinning around in a circle until he gets so dizzy that he falls down.

Though to be fair, we saw plenty of that last weekend. Of course, it is exponentially cuter when Finn does it than when an aging Phish fan does it.

Since I don't have any cute pictures or videos of him falling on his head, here's a cute picture of him at REI while Mommy & Daddy shopped for junk they don't need.

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