Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Head hunter

A baseball player who possesses hitting ability (for average & power), fielding ability, speed and throwing ability is said to be a "five-tool player". By my count, Finn's got exactly zero of these tools. He is able to move pretty quickly, but I don't see him stretching a single into a double any time soon. And unless "fielding" ability includes catching balls with your face, he's got some room to go there too.

He is developing his throwing, however. He practices on anything that he can pick up -- rocks, toys, cell phones, tantrums... you name it, he throws it. In fact, the other day I was laying on the living room floor, as I am wont to do, when Finn decided to throw a toy truck at my head. I opened my eyes just in time to deflect it, but it still made enough contact that I likely won't lying on the living room floor again any time soon.

Admittedly, we give Finn mixed signals. We're now trying to be more precise about when it's okay to throw and when it's not. In other words, it's okay to throw if it will stop him from crying. It's not okay to throw if it'll make Daddy cry.

A friend of ours was going through a similar period with her son when he threw a metal truck at her head while she was driving. Concerned about this new development, she asked Jena what she could do. Jena told her that she should start by not giving him metal trucks while she's driving.

That's why Jena has a graduate degree in child development. I never would have been able to figure that out.

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