Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hottest day ever. Seriously.

Wow, look at that picture of the pool in that last post. I sure do miss that pool.

Today is officially the hottest day on record in the City of Seattle. Ever. Here's what my little desktop weather widget says, at 3:40 PM:

The previous record was 100. They're now projecting that we'll hit 103 today.

EDIT: I must have passed out from the heat, because it's now 10 PM. It did indeed hit 103 today. In fact, it's still about 90 degrees in our house and Kitty and I are hiding out in the basement. In our underwear. Sitting on frozen peas. Here's a blurry pic of our thermostat from a few hours ago, just in case you think I'm fibbing.

Finn is upstairs in our room, the only room with air conditioning. It's been a long time since we've all shared a room. Last time he was right next to the bed. This time, he's in the closet.

Don't worry, it's a nice closet.

To try and escape the heat this past weekend, we headed out on Uncle Rob's & Aunt Holly's boat. It was awesome, as always, but we do get concerned about trying to keep Finn occupied out there on the water while we alternate between shotgunning beers and arguing maritime law. We're very nautical.

We considered bringing toys, but the big fear is that he'll just toss them overboard. Then Genius Mommy identified the perfect solution. We grabbed the boy and his sexy ducky life vest and hit the water, along with a bag of rocks.

And the rocks hit the spot. In fact, they hit lots of spots, but luckily most of those spots were in the water. We're definitely giving him mixed signals, scolding him for throwing rocks at home but encouraging him to throw rocks on the boat. But hey, there's beer to be shotgunned.

Here's the boy showing his nauticality with Mommy & Aunt Holly. As you can tell, a terrible time was had by all.

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