Friday, July 31, 2009


The heat has finally broken and we've been able to move Finn back into his own room. It was only in the 80's today so I had to put on a sweater. And let me tell you, it's tough to type with mittens on.

But it wasn't the cooler temps that moved Finn out. We moved him out because he attacked me. Well, maybe he didn't attack me, but he broke my nose. Well, maybe he didn't break my nose, but he did headbutt me in the bridge of the nose - hard enough to make my nose bleed. And that's while we were snuggling.

See why we don't snuggle? Check out the carnage! I hope you haven't eaten recently...

One day I'm going to headbutt Finn in the nose and when looks at me with tears in his eyes and he asks "why?", I'm going to point to this blog post and tell him that we're even.

I'm just going to have to do it while he's still smaller than me.

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Shana said...

What is it with toddlers and the violence? I had a similar experience while trying to squeeze the most out of a rare cuddly moment with Millie. Well, she was sitting close to me and going through my bag...we'll call it cuddling. She reached her hand into the bag and withdrew it with such force that she poked me directly in my pupil. My cornea was torn. Two days later I was finally able to keep my eye open without looking like I was cutting onions.

This is such a long comment that I might make it my next blog entry!