Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mr. October, Jr.

'Tis the season once again. The season in which Kitty loses a husband and as a result, the blog posts dry up and the dishes pile up in the sink. I'm speaking, of course, of baseball playoff season.

More important than the Yankees being back in the mix, after the painful existential crisis that is a single missed playoff season in NY, is the fact that this is Finn's first playoffs. Given that he's shown little to no interest in the television, I was worried that this would hurt my ability to watch the playoffs too.

And by "hurt my ability," I mean result in me getting regularly yelled at by Kitty for shirking my parental responsibility to pace in the basement screaming expletives at the TBS announcers.

Turns out I needn't have worried. Finn has taken to baseball faster than stink to a diaper. He's now watched a portion of two of the Yankees ALDS games with the Twins and can (kind of) clearly say "baseball."

OK, it's more "bah-bah," but we all know what he's saying.

In fact, he picked up a David Wright baseball card the other day, held it up and proclaimed "bah-bah!" To which I excitedly responded, "Why do we have a David Wright baseball card?"

And when the Yankees won game 2 on Tex's walk-off home run while Kitty was putting Finn to bed, he apparently reacted to my whooping from the basement with his own little party in his crib that went a little something like this:

"Yay! Bah-bah! Dah-eeeee!"

I can only assume that he was smiling the winning smile seen in the pic above. If he keeps this up, I'll happily overlook him wearing his headband upside down.

We still have to work on his slipping me the tongue when he kisses me goodnight, but we can focus on that after the playoffs.


Aunt Stacy said...

Best photo ever. The boy getting his ninja on.

Daddy said...

Like it was ever off. Hey, let me know if you actually get notified if I respond to this comment.

Aunt Stacy said...

Didn't get notified. Guess my inner ninja told me to go check. And the word verification thingy to leave a comment is "mensupsy" today -- how fun is that!?!