Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Great Pumpkin

Apparently, the only thing more interminable than the baseball regular season is the baseball playoffs. This year, for the first time in history, the four major sports will all play on November 1st. That is, if you count hockey as a major sport.

But since I've got a day with no baseball and therefore some free time, I thought you'd enjoy a picture of Finn directly after he face-planted into a mud puddle while picking pumpkins on Saturday. Not pictured: the 400,000 other parents pointing at him (and us) and laughing.

As you can see, he's really broken up about it.

We read about a sick pumpkin patch and corn maze in Kent, about a half hour away, and decided to head out first thing on Saturday morning. As is typical these days, we didn't make it out as early as we wanted and hit the road at the crack of 9:30. We still figured that we were early enough to beat the rush - and we may have been, had I bothered to figure out where exactly we were going. One wrong turn, one stop at Taco Bell and one quick side-trip into Emerald Downs to bet the ponies (turns out it's right across the street) and we arrived right along with the rest of the Puget Sound parenting community.
  • Fun fact #1: Finn doesn't care if you just spent $14 on a corn maze. He's not interested in walking around in the mud trying to solve a puzzle. He'd rather just pull down the safety tape and pick the weeds between the corn rows.
  • Fun fact #2: They give you a map for a reason. Assuming you can just "feel" your way out of a maze of ten foot tall corn stalks is probably not a good idea. Particularly when you've got a toddler that regularly decides that walking is for suckers.
It had been pouring rain, but luckily the weather held out while we were there and aside from the aforementioned mud puddle incident, it was a great day. And even the mud puddle made for a good laugh - after about five minutes. It definitely made for good pictures.

Behold the Marcus Schenkenberg of the pumpkin patch. This kid could sell some serious pumpkins. And laundry detergent.

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