Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Last year's Halloween party found us corralling a rampaging cheetah as he cruised around the furniture at Holly & Rob's house. This year's Halloween party promised to be much more exhausting as the cheetah has matured into a fully mobile monkey. A monkey that we had every intention of taking out trick or treating, even if he had no idea what was going on.

Daddy needs him some candy.

Turns out lots of animals must mature into monkeys, as they were everywhere. We started the day at Reid's second birthday party, where Finn and his daycare buddy Reid were both monkeys. Later that night, two other monkeys showed up at Holly & Rob's. Well, actually one monkey and one mouse - but the mouse looked like a monkey. And the cat looked like a mouse.

It was very confusing.

After running around the house for a while, the bigger kids headed out for the goodies so we decided to tag along and take Finn on his maiden candy run. Any worries that we might have had about him not being interested were quickly dashed as he immediately understood that putting candy into his pumpkin was somehow beneficial for him and took off around the neighborhood looting every house he could crawl up to in his over-sized monkey feet.

Here he is leading the charge after just one house.

He even approximated a "trick or treat" and a "thank you" after ripping as much candy out of the kindly old neighbors' hands that he could grab. We only made it a couple of blocks before I had to throw in the towel - watching a baseball game on your phone while walking is hard work, and dangerous - but I'm sure he could have gone all night.

Instead we returned to the party, where Finn was rationed two pieces of candy while we all watched the older kids attempt to murder each other with their bare hands in a sugar-induced psycho-frenzy. It was scary. Finn had a great time.

My costume was not a big hit, for some reason. I don't know why, but some people were really upset when they saw me. Weird.

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