Thursday, November 12, 2009

When the Kitty's away...

I've been putting in some serious Daddy hours this week. I had Finn all day on Wednesday, since daycare was closed for parent/teacher conference prep ("Congratulations, Mr. Parker, your son has only bitten three kids this week. That's a new record."), and now Kitty is gone for a long weekend celebrating some fine Americans with her Dad and sisters in Washington, DC.

I know from the 3 phone calls today that she misses her boy like crazy. I also know that upon her return, she is bound to be impressed by all of the stuff that Finn can now do. Like throw his toys clear across the room. Well, first she'll probably be confused since Finn isn't allowed to throw toys in the house. But once she realizes what an arm he's got, she'll definitely be impressed.

She will likely also be stunned by how well Finn can now feed Cash directly from his high chair. Again, great arm. Particularly when it's throwing chicken to the cats.

Once she's done being all impressed by the amazing job I've done cultivating these skills, she will surely congratulate me on my fatheriness. That or she'll kill me.

If I'm going out, I might as well go out with a picture of Derek Jeter in a wig, because some day when Finn looks back on this blog, I want him to remember what it was like to win a World Series at only 19-months old.

And because Kitty took the camera with the new pictures on it.

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