Thursday, March 4, 2010

Key We Stink

Finn's been bugging us for a new tattoo and/or body paint for a while, and since all we have in West Seattle are nail salons, we figured we'd make the short trip to Key West so he could sneak in a visit to his Grandparents as well. I mean, it's only like 3,000 miles.

In hindsight, maybe two flights - totaling 8 hours - followed immediately by a 4 hour car trip for a grand total of roughly 12 hours of travel each way (plus layovers) for 3 full days in Key West was a little much.

Of course, if you've been to Key West, then you know why we didn't pay too much attention to the math.

Seattle has exactly two things in common with Key West: dog bars and gay bars. They may both have gay dog bars too, but we didn't get that far. We were too busy enjoying the things that Seattle doesn't have, like sunshine, the sunset street performers in Mallory Square, the amazing Old Town architecture, the banyan trees and the lack of an open container law.

We enjoyed that last one a little too much, which is one reason why - just maybe - three days was exactly the right amount of time.

As I'm still recovering from both Duval Street and a cold I appear to have picked up on our little family version of Amazing Race, I'm going to leave you with a quick list of the things that Finn enjoyed about Key West:
  1. Seeing his Grandparents, his Uncle Scott and his Aunt Aimee. Awww.
  2. Chasing the ubiquitous chickens.
  3. Watching his grandfather chase the ubiquitous chickens out of the backyard with the hose.
  4. Throwing rocks in the water.
  5. Specifically, throwing rocks in the water while his family drank at the dockside bar.
Given that he had easy access to all of the above, and despite the fact that he spent nearly 1/4 of the full 5 days traveling, he was in top form for the entire trip. We didn't have any issues at all until the final leg of the journey, when he woke up suddenly on the plane and started screaming so loudly and so inconsolably that we were certain he was going to throw up all over us.

It was a rough five minutes, but we made it through without any vomit. And in the end, at least this didn't happen.

Here's Finn & Grandma enjoying some good ol' fashioned rock throwing outside Schooner Wharf, one of the aforementioned dog/dockside bars.

It was Grandma's turn to stop drinking for 5 minutes, which is important, because the Key West docks are not big on "child safety."

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