Sunday, March 28, 2010

Turnin' Two

On the occasion of Finn's second birthday, I'd like to give my son a big birthday shout-out and let all of his (Facebook) friends and (Twitter) followers out there know that no matter what I may write here, these past two years have been hands down the most exciting (and exhausting) of my life*.

The past 12-months have found Finn talking, running, jumping, talking, using the potty, talking, dressing himself and talking. That's at least 3 more skills than I have and I couldn't be more proud.

Though I wasn't quite as successful in the past year of getting videos of Finn doped up on dental drugs as David's dad, I was able to catch this photo of him whacked out on birthday cake.

What a handsome man.

Dear Finn,

Should your future-self become an internet archaeologist and should you ever happen across this blog in one of your e-digs, know that your second year as a Yankee fan was a resounding success. Certainly much more productive than your first. However, keeping with policy, we won't be discussing the state of your contract until after this season.

No pressure or anything.



*Of course when I think back on my life, there's a period of about 10 years that I don't recall at all on account of youthful exuberance - i.e., Phish shows - but I've seen the pictures** and given the evidence, I'm pretty sure that I spent the majority of those years hung over.

**No, you may not see the pictures.

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