Friday, May 28, 2010

Pants off dance off

The only thing that beats waking up at 4 AM is waking Finn up at 4 AM.

Wait, actually there is one thing that beats that: waking Finn up at 4 AM to get on a plane to Chicago, where we have a three hour layover, then getting back on a plane to Westchester County Airport, then arriving back at Grandma and Grandpa Parker's roughly twelve hours after we started.

Yeah, that's definitely better.

Since we'll be traveling for the next ten days or so, there will likely not be much blogging. Particularly since Kitty has decided that my iPhone is no longer family-friendly following a minor baseball-game-score-checking-at-the-dinner-table incident the other night.

So to tide anyone that's actually still reading this thing over, check out some of the recent posts over at Jena's blog. They're chock full of Finn content, but pace yourself since that will obviously also dry up while we're out of town.

I'd start with this one. Whatever it is that Scott (the guy on the couch) does for work, that's what I want to do.

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