Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Sometimes blogging is hard. I had every intention of posting something incredibly clever this weekend, but Kitty was in San Francisco, which means that once again it was all I could do just to keep Finn and me alive. I didn't shower for two days. Finn and I met Archer and Cyrus at the zoo and the gorillas were staring at me and holding their noses.

With the Mommy back home tonight, we decided to head out on the town and have dinner at a local Japanese restaurant.

Before I tell the story, I've got to explain the picture. For Christmas, we were given "Mr. Bacon vs. Monsieur Tofu", which has become my teaching aid to explain to Finn how much better pork fat is than coagulated soy bean curd as evidenced in the pic. I've got Finn well-trained to reply "Yucky," whenever I break out "Mr. Toe-Food" (Finn's pronunciation, not mine, but fitting).

Tonight at dinner, however, he gulped down an entire plate of tofu that the waitress brought him without our asking, even though we have never seen him eat a single piece of tofu. It wasn't until he was done and that he asked for more fish, that we realized that he didn't know it was tofu.

I was then left with a dilemma: let it slide and hope that he doesn't ever realize that he likes tofu or explain that it was tofu and thereby put back into his hands the decision of whether Mr. Bacon really does rule over Monsieur Tofu.

Ultimately, we opted for the latter. I'm putting my faith in Mr. Bacon to establish his dominance in my son's eyes.

You're my boy, Bacon.

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Dan said...

Mr Bacon will always win out, no matter what. So I think your son is safe