Sunday, January 9, 2011

Did I stutter?

We've had so many repair trucks in our driveway over the last 2 weeks that I'm sure our neighbors thought I was running a Teamster flophouse/drug den/brothel. But as of Wednesday, we're finally all put back together. The sump pump is in, the dishwasher is reinstalled, the garage door opener is working and the laptop is back in commission.

Alas, just when we thought everything was getting back to normal, something new appears to have broken: Finn's ability to speak. Sometime in the last week or so, the little man has developed a hitch in his verbal giddy-up. What used to be "That" is now "Th-th-th-th-th-th-th-th-that".

Should we be concerned? We probably would be if it weren't so comical. It's not like he's Stuttering John on the red carpet, he's just having some trouble getting his brain to catch up to his mouth -- something that both his parents are equally guilty of at times.

I've tried clapping him on the back when he gets stuck, but that apparently only works in the movies. In real life it just makes him fall over.

If it doesn't clear up on its own, maybe we can develop it into something special. He's started jamming the stutter up and down the musical scales like a little Scatman Crothers, which is extremely entertaining. Maybe we can get him onto "X Factor" or "America's Got Talent". And if he does well there, maybe we can shoot for the stars and get him a guest spot on the pinnacle of American television: "Jersey Shore".

Make way for DJ Finny D. That'll be his bio shot above. The Situation's got nothing on his 2-pack.

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