Friday, January 21, 2011

Dolled up

I spent the last week in NY on business, leaving Kitty and Finn alone to their own devices. I got home last night and Kitty split today for a weekend skiing at the cabin, leaving Finn and me to a dudes' weekend.

When I left for my business trip on Monday, last weekend's annual Seattle model train show was still fresh in our minds, feeding his Thomas the Tank Engine obsession and reinforcing for me that his (my) current obsession with the wooden trains will soon lead to a much more expensive and infinitely nerdier hobby... for both of us.

Somehow over the past week, however, that focus on trains and testosterone must have waned for Finn. As I was putting him to bed tonight, he requested that we first "do makeup".

I'm now rethinking the business trip I just had to schedule for the beginning of February. As far as I'm concerned, make-up has a time and a place in a man's life and it's not before bedtime.

It's before a Phish show. Looks like my boy's ready for his first hacky-sack and matching pair of patchwork pants!

Who's got my phatty, toddler-sized, hemp necklace?

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