Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rockin' Ninja

"What do you mean the stage is behind
us?  Who cares about the stage?"
I had intended this blog post to be epic.  You were going to be blown away.  

And then Ichiro got traded to the Yankees while they were here in town.  Obviously, this meant that I had to spend the week attending baseball games - mourning with my Seattle Mariners hat on, but celebrating with cautious optimism in the hopes that Ichiro can return to career form with my (much larger) Yankees hat on.

There was much beer consumed.  And very little blogging done.

So while I recover, I'll leave you with this:

I took Finn to his first concert last week.  Our zoo throws these gigs in a little field and it's a great Seattle summer concert setting, by which I mean the entire crowd is pasty white, no one is dancing, and everyone is silently judging you from the comfort of their $400 REI camp chair.

Vanilla Ice was one of the very first concerts that I ever attended, so I wanted to make sure that I was able to set Finn on the right path to attain equal staggering heights in the quality of his music selection.  A double bill of Grace Potter and ZZ Ward seemed like the perfect opportunity to achieve this.  Plus there was a beer tent and lots of friends with kids that I knew I could loop into free babysitting while I enjoyed it.

I'm not sure which Finn dug more:  dancing to Grace Potter or eating the kettle corn.  Or the chocolate goldfish.  Or the chocolate cookie bars.  Maybe it was the cotton candy.

Either way, I know that when I informed him that it was over after Grace had the entire zoo on its feet through an extended encore, which he watched dancing on Jena's shoulders, he got sad and asked:

"Aww, only two bands?"

Not bad for a first concert.  I think this kid is now ready for Bonnaroo.  I hope they have cotton candy.

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