Wednesday, September 5, 2012


So, it turns out that Day 1 of school is actually pretty boring.  Or at least it was for us.  The biggest discipline issue we had was with Kitty refusing to follow the prescribed Jena drop-off/pick-up plan and insisting on delivery and recovering Finn herself.  We'll need to work on that.

Upon returning home and receiving the requisite parental grilling, Finn was unsurprisingly vague and non-committal.  Things we learned were "good" today:  the teacher & the playground.  He also confirmed that he didn't get scared and that his buddy Reid showed him around.

How boring.  Ah well, if there's not going to be any drama, at least there are first-day-of-school pictures!

Reid will show him around... by the
back of his neck.  

This photo was not at all staged.  He was that excited.
Mommy, less so, though she puts on a brave face.

We need to work on the heavy metal devil-horns.   It
shouldn't require two hands.

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