Tuesday, September 25, 2012


You know what that arrow is pointing to?  That arrow is pointing to the $20 bill that is now leaving my pocket.

Yes, Rookie is a Rookette.

Our ultrasound on Friday was about an hour long, with the big reveal not coming until the end, so I spent the first hour confidently patting myself on the back each time I was certain that I spotted the boy parts - even though the technician was weirdly calling them "kidneys".   I chalked that up to her error, due to my extensive expertise in ultrasound analysis.   Of course, we won't know for sure until early February, but I'm willing to concede that perhaps she is a little better at this than me.

This is both awesome and terrifying.  Awesome for the first twelve years and then terrifying for the next 6-10.

I mean, have you seen what girls are wearing these days?  YIKES.

If any of you fathers-of-girls out there have any good recommendations for scary looking guns that I can be cleaning & cocking at the kitchen table in about 16 years, message me offline.  I'm not sure my 1982 Crossman Air Rifle is going to adequately get my point across.  Unless... I pump it more than the maximum recommendation of 10 times.  That'll be SURE to scare 'em off.

Dad - I need my BB gun back.

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