Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Baseball Widow/Orphan

Welcome to October, or as Kitty likes to call it:  "Single Parent Month."

From the lack of blog posts, it would appear that our life has ground completely to a halt.  In reality, only I have ground completely to a halt - as the overflowing dishwasher & stack of unpaid bills can attest.  I'm afraid that I'm just not good at multitasking during the playoffs.  My baseball-stress-induced ulcers demand all of my attention.

You know what hasn't ground to a halt?  Finn.  Check out his very first official class picture.  Dude looks like he should be driving.

I used to be opposed to his growing, but now I'm glad he's getting so big.  He's going to have a little sister that will need protecting and I can't always be there with my BB gun, cutting wit and third-degree stink-eye.  He'd better start lifting weights.  I'm pretty sure four is not too soon.

Also - we have no idea who combed his hair.  He definitely didn't leave the house like that.  One thing is for sure:  the Montessori method is not very good at defining the side-part.  Maybe we need to look into Barbizon for kindergarten.

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