Thursday, February 28, 2013


All sunshine and smiles.
Finn has handled this whole new sister thing exceptionally well.  He's been attentive (for the most part), helpful (or at least as helpful as he usually is), and generally cheerful and unaffected.  It's a huge relief and it makes this whole newly expanded family unit extra lovey, huggy, happy.

On the other hand, I swore at Edie for the first time last night.

This is not unexpected.  I love me some swearing and I'm not exactly the most patient person in the world, but I had hoped to at least make it a month into her life before swearing at her.  Sigh.

Turns out, she can be kind of a wanker around bedtime.  I shouldn't complain.  She's been pretty solidly mellow for the last two weeks.  No tongue-tie this time around means she's eating well and that typically translates into sleeping well.

At least until it's my turn in the evening rotation.  Last night, I spent the hours from 9 pm to midnight with my pinky finger crammed down her throat to keep her from crying.

Wow, that sounds bad.  I mean, "letting her use my finger in lieu of a pacifier."  Because we don't have a pacifier.  Or at least we didn't, until last night.  Now I'm furiously jamming two different brands of pacifiers into her face every ten minutes to see if one of them will take.

No luck so far, but she can't hold out forever.  Or at least I hope she can't.  At some point she's going to be old enough to realize that I'm swearing at her.  And that will be awkward.

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