Tuesday, February 5, 2013


They say that wisdom can't be taught.  That it can only be gained through real-life experience.  Nowhere is this more applicable than when faced with the request to close one's eyes and open one's mouth.

Nevertheless, when presented with that exact request by Finn at dinner the other night, I felt compelled - nay, obligated - to inform him that under NO circumstances should anyone ever, ever, evereverevereverever.... EVER... close one's eyes and open one's mouth.  It would be bad enough to do it with a stranger, but it would be particularly horrifying to do it around one's friends.  At least, that's the wisdom I've acquired in my nearly forty furious-tooth-brushing/mouth-washing years.

After I got done pounding that into his head, we spent the rest of the night practicing the appropriate response, which is to immediately glue one's mouth shut as if it was Daddy's wallet and bug out one's eyes, so as not to miss any squirrelly goings-on in the mouthal vicinity.

He was excellent at it.  And we laughed and laughed.  Until I jokingly asked the Rookie to close her eyes and open her mouth, at which point Finn jumped across the table, put his mouth right on Kitty's belly and instructed his sister, "Don't do it, Rookie!"

We'll see if the adage above holds true in utero, as well...

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