Sunday, June 16, 2013


Dear Finn & Edie,

On the occasion of Me Day, allow me to expound upon the many reasons for which I love being your dad.

Finn, I've known you the longest, so let's start with you:
  • I love your total and pathological inability to keep a secret, even when the secret that you've been asked to keep is simply that you have a secret.
  • I love it that you practice circular breathing when you're telling that secret, talking softly while exhaling AND inhaling directly into my ear hole like it's a didgeridoo.
  • I love the fact that while you love to play with your Legos, you appear to be equally entertained just watching YouTube videos of Eastern European gentlemen building their own Legos.  (Also applies to watching East European gentlemen playing video games.  Not sure what's going on in Eastern Europe, but they really like to share on YouTube.)
  • I love how happy you are about the fact that we're spending this weekend planning out the fort that we're going to build this summer, where your palpable excitement has not yet been tempered by the crushing reality of poor Daddy craftmanship and extensive construction delays.  Watch this space for more on that, I'm sure.
Edie, we haven't known each other quite as long, but it's certainly been an action-packed four months:
  • I love the fact that you smile at everyone you see, provided that the person in question is not trying to put you to bed.
  • I love the fact that you wake up with the biggest, happiest, full body grin that I've ever seen.  Even if you are waking up after only sleeping for 37 seconds.
  • I love the fact that you're going to marry Derek Jeter.  I'm really looking forward to that part.
To both of you, if you're ever reading this (god forbid), know that these past five+ years have been the greatest of my life, and I say that from the bottom of my sleep-deprived heart.

Happy Father's Day to everyone out there in Ninjaland, including Grandpas Parker & Finn, and all of the uncles that are hopefully right now drinking bloody marys and watching baseball.  

As I plan to be as soon as I finish this sentence.

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Coupon Trunk said...

What a beautiful and entertaining post! Hope you had a wonderful Father's Day - you deserved it!