Monday, June 10, 2013


It was a banner weekend for the baseball lovers in the Parker Family.  The Yankees were in town, so Kitty and I took Edie & Finn to Edie's first game on Saturday.  Even though her future husband Derek Jeter wasn't going to be playing, I wanted to make sure that she got a chance to see Mariano Rivera pitch in his farewell season so that she and Derek would have something to talk about while they sailed the Caribbean in their future Space Yacht.

Plus, it's character building for my children to attend Mariners games as Yankees fans so that they can be booed.  In theory.  It doesn't really work out that way, however, since of the 40K people at each game this weekend, only about 7 of them were Mariners fans.  You really couldn't hear the boos over all of the "Let's Go Yankees" cheers, but gosh darnit, you knew they were there.  They try so hard.

One Rivera appearance not being enough, Finn and I went back to the park again on Sunday with Archer & Cyrus.  Seeing as I was decked out in my future-son-in-law's #2 jersey, a Seattle fan was kind enough to come up to me, put his arm around me and gently say, "The Yankees Suck."  But then immediately regretting this rude outburst, he quickly followed it with an "I'm sorry."

Worse.  Sports-related.  Taunt.  Ever.

I've given Finn the green light to choose his own sports allegiances, but whatever he chooses, I'll need to teach him to talk better smack than that.  Of course, first we'll need to try a little harder to actually choose a single allegiance before he can give anyone grief.  Note his uniform selections below.

At least by picking both sides, he's sure to win.  Just like the Yankees in Seattle.

As Edie plans to say when shaking hands with Rivera at her wedding, "Thanks for the Rings, Mo!"

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