Thursday, October 16, 2008

Crack is whack

We use the term "crack" too frequently these days. It seems like anything that can hold our attention for more than 5 minutes is a form of crack. Certain toys are "baby crack." Nitrous Oxide purchased in a balloon at a show is "hippie crack." Methylbenzoylecgonine is "crack... um... crack."

I'm not down with that. I don't throw that term around loosely. In this case, however, I believe it's warranted. I have it on good authority, that the crackiest of all crack is right here. I present to you, "Grandma crack."

I defy any Grandma to watch this video less than 400 times. You'll find yourself selling crack, just to pay for your internet connection, so you can keep watching this.

Now that's "crack."

Notice the snort at :22. He's definitely his parents' kid.

In other news, we are now in the midst of a four-day sleeping streak. The Ninja has slept for 8 hours every night this week. Granted, those 8 hours end at 4 AM, which is less than ideal, but we'll take it.

With Grandma Parker's impending arrival, and with her East Coast metabolism, 4 AM should be no problem for her.

Thanks in advance, Mom.

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