Thursday, October 23, 2008

Puree Genius

With my mother's arrival last Saturday, and with her pathological obsession with her grandson, Kitty and I have found ourselves with a surplus of free time on our hands. Back in the before-time, we would have devoted such free time to intellectual pursuits such as trivia night at Talarico's, but with our new responsibilities, we now use all of our free time for the betterment of our child.

And what's better for the boy than whipping up some delicious chicken, carrot & squash puree?

Not content to torture Finn with cold carrots, Kitty cracked open The Top 100 Baby Purees book that's been sitting on our shelf for who-knows-how-long and dove right in. Knowing how much the Ninja likes carrots, she opted for a chicken, carrot & sweet potato dish. Unfortunately, with Finn's potato-intolerance, we had to substitute squash for the sweet potato.

Now, I'm not sure that the squash is entirely to blame, but somewhere in the mix, something went horribly wrong for the boy. Please witness his first taste of non-jarred food:

Notice how worried everyone is about his happiness. Uncle Rob can barely drink his beer he's so concerned.

And just to prove that he doesn't hate all foods, here's a picture of him licking spilled carrots off the table. The boy's got class and he's very eager to help clean up around the house. Now if I can just get him to take out his stinky diaper trash, we'll be all set.


For the record, the puree was actually delicious. I finished what Finn wouldn't eat. I'm hoping it becomes a regular on our dinner rotation. I'll eat the puree and Finn can have my tofu stir fry. Sucker.

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