Tuesday, May 17, 2011

220, 221... whatever it takes

Finn's ear infections have been nothing if not consistent.  It's gotten to the point where the appearance of even a drop of snot from his nose means that we have roughly one week before an eardrum ruptures if left untreated.  We've long since passed even our non-hippie doctor's comfort level with prescribing antibiotics, so we attack his ears at the first sign of congestion with garlic drops and crank up the humidifier in his room.

The only thing we've found to have any success in putting them off is body work, and so it was that Finn and I found ourselves at the chiropractor this week.  As a master appointment-scheduler, I chose rush hour as the perfect time for our downtown appointment.  And Jena chose the moment I was trying to navigate through downtown to text me and inform me that Finn was wearing underwear, rather than the afternoon pull-up - as his deadbeat parents had not stocked his daycare bin.

No worries, we were still halfway potty-trained, right?  After making it up to the chiropractor's office and getting the bathroom key so that I could use it, I asked Finn if he had to use the potty too.

"Yes, I do.  My pants are wet."

They sure were.  And given that I hadn't anticipated the underwear, I didn't have any backup.  Remember that scene in Mr. Mom when Michael Keaton is drying the baby off by holding him up to the hand-dryer in the bathroom?

I wish.  I would have given anything for the chiropractor's bathroom to have had a hand dryer.  Instead, I stripped Finn naked, smeared his pants with soap and attempted to furiously clean them with paper towels - taking a quick break to call Kitty to see if she had any motherly advice (nope) and to snap the picture above.  Do you know how long it takes to dry pants using just paper towels?  Let's just say that it's a very good thing we were 15 minutes early.

Once we got in to see the doctor, I wasn't quite sure how to bring it up without embarrassing Finn.  Of course, once El Dampo-pants had hopped up on his table, I realized it was already too late.  Fortunately, the doctor didn't seem to notice.  Or at least, he was nice enough not to mention it.

But back to the original problem, hopefully this chiropractic work fixes the ear infections because Finn is currently hemorrhaging snot.  After dinner tonight, he was urging us to come outside to see his "painting".  When I got out there, he was rubbing his nose all over the back of his chair.

"Look, I'm painting it yellow!"


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Only one of the best movies EVER!