Friday, May 6, 2011

A funny thing happened on the way to the taco truck...

It's been a busy week. It started with Grandpa Finn's visit over the weekend, extended into a couple of 11 hour days at the office, included a dual-40th birthday party, the beginning of softball season and a company Mariners outing. By tonight, all I wanted to do was hang out with Finn.

With Kitty working late, we were instructed to head to the taco truck - our current favorite West Seattle fine dining establishment - for dinner. As I was picking Finn up from Jena's, he asked if I had to go to the baseball game. I told that I wouldn't be going anywhere tonight, that I just wanted to hang out with him.

I asked him if he wanted tacos and he said no. I asked him where he wanted to go for dinner. He replied that he didn't want to go to dinner. He just wanted to hang out with me.

That earned him a trip to Giannoni's for pizza and a Mighty Machines Power Pack at Target.

I don't care if he was playing me. That was worth it. I even let him brush my teeth as I tried to brush his, as seen above.

And yes, it is as fun as it looks. Until he stabs you in the back of the throat.

Incidentally, as a YouTube digger/firetruck/garbage truck addict, I thought he had seen them all. That is, until I found this. I think it literally blew his mind, particularly because we watched it right after his third birthday. Freaky.

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