Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Few things in life are as satisfying for me as pulling an enormous dandelion from my lawn and discovering its 6 inch root. Every successful extraction without any root breakage is an event to be celebrated, as evidenced by my mad dash from the front lawn, up the front steps and up two flights of stairs to show the monster I pulled on Saturday to Kitty... who happened to be in the shower.

She was suitably impressed.

As the proud owners of the requisite Seattle lawn ladybug sign, we have eschewed pesticides and herbicides, which means it's me against the weeds. Mano a rooto. And with my trusty weed hound in hand, I prevail.

Unfortunately, my pleasure comes at my son's expense.  I've taken away one of the joys of spring:  making a wish and blowing dandelion seeds on a warm spring day.

You can play "mama had a baby and its head popped off" all you want, but blowing dandelion seeds in my lawn will earn you a night in the box.  I don't care whose son you are.

Luckily, once again, he's got school.  Check it out.

I'm positive Finn's secret was that he wished he could do this at home, but he didn't want to tell Jena out of fear of fatherly reprisal.

Smart boy.

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